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Ethical Leadership Workbook

I recently gave a webinar on being an ethical leader during crisis. This was available for people in various positions, but the best part was that this webinar focused on practical steps to prepare oneself for leading during chaos. To be honest, leading ethically during a crisis isn’t too different from leading every day. One has to be intentional and strategic about it. As a … Continue reading Ethical Leadership Workbook

How I Started My Business After Having Kids

*a repost by Dr. Sydney Richardson from Triad Moms on Main I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My grandmother decided that she no longer wanted to be a maid, so she got her cosmetology license and opened her own salon. She retired when she was around 80 years old. My mother loved decorating and making flower arrangements, so she opened her own decorating business. … Continue reading How I Started My Business After Having Kids

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Ethical Leadership: AHHH!

I recently conducted a webinar on what it means to be an ethical leader during a crisis. The participants were engaged, questions were asked, and we focused on practical steps to take, ensuring that the tenets of ethical leadership and crisis management become one. It was great to think about how these characteristics get implemented every day. From the small decisions to the large one, … Continue reading Ethical Leadership: AHHH!

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What I Learned Through Knitting

A while ago, my daughter decided that she wanted to try knitting. I should have known that this would mean that she really wanted me to do it with her. I never had an interest in knitting, but many people in my family have a gift of crafting with their hands. Things like sewing, doing calligraphy, crocheting, cross-stitching, painting, etc. all came naturally to them … Continue reading What I Learned Through Knitting

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Practice Gratitude

For a while now, I have joined two organic groups. We meet virtually every week and sometimes every two weeks. One group is with two other professional women (Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither and Dr. Shana LeGrant). We all work in some part of education and we all have side businesses (aka “side hustles”). From our virtual conversations, we give each other ideas on ways to move … Continue reading Practice Gratitude