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Take a Vacation!

It’s my last full day of vacation and I am listening to the waves crash onto the shore as I write this post.  For the past six days, I have played on beach with my family, gotten water up my nose in the pool, played mini golf, eaten way too much ice cream, and laughed with my family daily.  I still cooked meals and occasionally … Continue reading Take a Vacation!

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A New Challenge

*Featured photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash. It’s the last day of school in my area, and I was thinking about all of the activities the kids have done this year (remotely and in person). It got me thinking about the activities I had to complete throughout the various leadership programs in which I’ve participated. I noticed something about those moments:  as soon as the … Continue reading A New Challenge

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Give Them What They Need

Recently, I was thinking about the hardest assignment I ever had and what it taught me. Have you ever had one of those?  I compare those moments to my high school biology class. It was the hardest class for me, and I received the worst grade, but I ended up learning the most from that class because the teacher challenged me like no other. Well, … Continue reading Give Them What They Need

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You Have Permission

“I don’t want to do this anymore!  I’m ready to plaaayyyyyy!”  My son was no longer on the edge of a tantrum; he had fallen into the abyss. He was there. He had 20 minutes left until his schooling was finished and I just watched him fall out. Then I laughed. I know that sounds horrible as a parent, but that’s just where I was, … Continue reading You Have Permission

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Leadership for Life

*I am not paid by any organizations or businesses mentioned in this post. I enjoy discussing leadership from the perspective of it being a way of life. I remember being taught that leaders were “born, not made.” That seemed to be the motto of everyone I listened to throughout my childhood and teenage years. Then I began to meet people who were of a different … Continue reading Leadership for Life


Practical Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory or ideas. (of an idea, plan, or method) likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances; feasible. Whenever I presented seminars or workshops in the past, I was always complimented on how “practical” my methods were. As a matter of fact, “practical” is the one word everyone who … Continue reading Reintroduction

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Ethical Leadership: AHHH!

I recently conducted a webinar on what it means to be an ethical leader during a crisis. The participants were engaged, questions were asked, and we focused on practical steps to take, ensuring that the tenets of ethical leadership and crisis management become one. It was great to think about how these characteristics get implemented every day. From the small decisions to the large one, … Continue reading Ethical Leadership: AHHH!

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Establishing a Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a topic near and dear to my heart.  I wish I could say that it’s important to me because I had a great mentor, then learned how to mentor, and have been a successful one ever since.  However, that’s not the case. In the words of Sophia from The Golden Girls, “Picture it, Greensboro 2004.”  I was asked to be a part of … Continue reading Establishing a Mentoring Program