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Day In The Life Of . . .

Today’s post is for sharing.  If you’re anything like me, you may have spent hours on the internet searching for “a day in the life of XXX,” looking for some idea of how to better plan your day. Throughout my working years, I searched for many “days in the life.” Whether I was working full-time while getting a degree, working full-time with a newborn, taking … Continue reading Day In The Life Of . . .

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“Work” Has Changed

Earlier this month, I read an article about employees quitting their jobs. The past year of the pandemic and world being on locked gave a lot of people time to think. According to the article, all of that thinking had people make a tough decision: whether to continue at their jobs or leave.  Many chose to leave and the prediction is that many more will … Continue reading “Work” Has Changed

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A New Challenge

*Featured photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash. It’s the last day of school in my area, and I was thinking about all of the activities the kids have done this year (remotely and in person). It got me thinking about the activities I had to complete throughout the various leadership programs in which I’ve participated. I noticed something about those moments:  as soon as the … Continue reading A New Challenge

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Handling Conflict

Many of people saw the Gayle King interview with R. Kelly, as I did. Some people were shocked by the “explosive” part of the interview, and there were many analyses of what took place during that segment. As I watched it, I actually did not pay close attention to R. Kelly. I paid attention to Gayle King. I watched her basically remain still and composed, … Continue reading Handling Conflict

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Starts With a Dream: Career Change

“Our companies have not fully evolved to the point where they are willing to work with what we have to do.” That’s one of the many points that I made in this conversation with financial expert, Devora Ascott Black. I had a great time talking with her about women changing careers. In this podcast, Devora Black and I had a chance to discuss what it’s like … Continue reading Starts With a Dream: Career Change

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Working Women and Careers

I recently recorded a podcast on helping women transition careers, and it made me think of a few points. We (society) still talk about women transitioning careers or advancing in work in a way in which we do not talk about men. While I believe that it has become easier for women to change careers than our mothers or grandmothers (for instance), it is still … Continue reading Working Women and Careers

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Change, Improve, Thrive

As the world becomes more fixated on dimensions of leadership, I began noticing the headlines suggesting ways in which leaders were thinking outside of the box. With one news article after another about a leader of an organization implementing the latest eye-catching policy, one major theme struck me. These weren’t leaders just doing things to make the front page. These leaders were doing things that … Continue reading Change, Improve, Thrive

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Do You Daydream? Good!

Stop the press! Did you know that people spend approximately 30% or more daydreaming? Let’s take it a step further: Did you know that daydreaming can be helpful to leaders? You read that right. Daydreaming. Letting your mind wander and create a new world of its own. Getting lost in your own thoughts.  All of that can be helpful as a leader. Here’s why. . … Continue reading Do You Daydream? Good!