How To Be an Inclusive Leader in a Diverse Company

Whew! What a title. It seems as though many people are trying to figure out how to lead companies in an inclusive way. I had the opportunity to present to two different companies on this exact topic. One was based on racial/ethnic diversity. The other was based on multiple generations. While there are arguments that these areas are social constructs (like a lot of other areas) used to cause strife, the fact that leaders are reaching out for assistance tells me something. It tells me that companies are ready to learn and act for the better, which is always a great thing. So here are some quick tips on ways to lead inclusively, especially in diverse groups:

1. Listen to understand, not defend or react. A huge part of inclusivity is being quiet and listening.

2. Bring diverse voices to the “table.” Are the people at the table different races, gender, ages, religions, abilities/disabilities, and more? The more diversity, the more opportunities for positive change, which leads to better company results.

3. Expect discomfort. That means that change is happening.

4. Give it time. A company does not change in a year. It changes in a few years, but you can see glimpses early.

5. Keep learning. An inclusive leader is one who is constantly learning. What books are you reading?

Inclusion takes time, but it is incredibly worth it. Have an open mind and expect amazing results.

Keep leading!

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  1. Myra Wilson says:

    I will say Amen to that!!!!!

    1. Hey Mrs. Myra!

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