Re-working Life

I will keep this post short and sweet, but I hope that it provides some encouragement. Life has been busy! I was hoping for some summer down time, but that has not happened. In conversations with my friends, who are equally busy, we often discuss how we need to re-work our lives.

Re-working our lives simply means that life is chaotic with a lot of responsibilities, and we haven’t checked anything off of our to-do lists. Therefore, we’ve got to get centered and try again. Here’s what reworking looks like:

  1. Securing a vacation date and sticking to it.
  2. No checking email after a certain time.
  3. Making time for creative projects.
  4. Organizing our office desk drawers (the one that’s filled with 8 years worth of paper).
  5. Taking a mental health day.

The list goes on, but you understand my point, hopefully. While life can (and should) be filled with roles and responsibilities, it should also be filled with activities that we really want to do. To get this re-working going, we decided to pinpoint a date on our calendars where we’d each do something for ourselves. Mine is done and I am choosing to hold on to that date.

So, which day are you choosing just for yourself?

Take care and stay safe,

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