They’re Making a Move!

My generation is saying goodbye to work.  Literally, they are saying goodbye by packing up their boxes and leaving the office. More than that- they’re doing this without having other jobs to go to.  That is completely against what my generation was taught and it’s exactly what my generation was taught.  In case you’re wondering, I’m Gen X. 

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You see, we were taught to always have a backup plan. That was like the mantra of our lives. If something didn’t work, you had to have a backup plan because you’re always moving. If something is working well, still have a plan because everything can go south quickly.  Work hard, save up, and have a plan. For what?  Who in the world knows, but most of us didn’t ask questions. So this idea of people leaving their jobs during and after the pandemic (i.e. The Great Resignation) without a plan makes me want to scratch my head until . . .

I realize that The Great Resignation aligns with everything we were ever taught!  Yes, we were taught to work hard and have a plan.  However, we were also taught to pivot when necessary, hold onto our values, and not get complacent. We watched our parents and grandparents work jobs until they retired, but we also saw them get creative and do new things when one part of their lives no longer worked. We learned to be self-sufficient at young ages, and we were often told that once we hit 18, we were on our own. That meant self-sufficiency, drive, resilience, and pivoting has been with most of us for 40+ years. This also means that in some ways, the Great Resignation isn’t a surprise at all. We’ve always been planning to walk out.  Remember The Breakfast Club?

Judd Nelson-The Breakfast Club

Gen Xers (the ones mainly leaving) may not have a job lined up right away, but they’ve got skills, leadership experience, and enough money in whatever account to keep them and their families afloat until the next thing comes along. That next thing is not always a job offer. For some, the next thing is their own business. That’s right. The Great Resignation has also turned into entrepreneurship time, and women, women of color, and Gen Xers are taking lead. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. Not only are employees arguing for flex-time, some are choosing not to argue at all. They are simply leaving.

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