How to Handle Obstacles

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Let’s talk about obstacles. Don’t they tend to present themselves when we really don’t need them? Think about it. You get sick during the busiest and jam-packed week of your year. Your car breaks down on the one day that you have an early morning meeting. Or how about the traffic jam that occurs on the highway on the morning that you were 10 minutes late getting out of the house anyway?  The reality is that obstacles occur when we just can’t take another thing and our emotions begin to run wild.  Well, I’ve got news for you: you can actually do some things to handle the oncoming obstacles.

Now, there’s something you should know. I am writing from a place of experience here. I have had so many “obstacles” occur that I expect them every 2-3 days now. I am a professional obstacle-dealer with-er.  It sounds weird, but that’s where I am, and I’m not alone. I bet you’ve already experienced an obstacle today.  However, if you’re new to this, let me describe some ways that you can handle the next obstacle that comes:

  • Take a deep breath:  Doing regular breathing exercises help calm the mind and body. Deep breathing gives the mind a chance to clear itself and stops the body from getting into a frenzy. That way, you can tackle the day. Take 1 minute throughout the day to simply breathe.
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  • Find a venting buddy: Now, most people will say that complaining doesn’t help, but it actually does.  Something happens when we are able to vent in a safe space. “Safe” is the keyword here. Make sure that when you complain, you do so to someone who can simply listen and not share your information with others. Venting helps get all of the frustrations out and helps us see things clearly.
  • Next, see the opportunity in everything. I have a wonderful colleague who always says that there is an “opportunity” in things. It’s a great reminder that we all have an opportunity to correct a situation. Sometimes we say this jokingly, but it works in handling obstacles. Look for the opening where you can make a positive change.
  • Deal with the obstacle one step at a time: When an obstacle interferes with our lives, we can’t magically make everything right. However, we can deal with it little by little. Stuck in traffic? Take a moment to let someone know that you’re running late. Got sick in the middle of the week?  Delegate tasks to others and get the rest that you need.

There really is a solution to just about every obstacle, and sometimes we are the only ones who can handle it. Taking some time to practice the above steps can serve as preparation for the next obstacle that comes along.

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