Working From Home

It’s month 10 of working from home (WFH) for me, and I believe that I have tried just about everything in order to make it fruitful. Unfortunately, life happens and when I think of a system that works, I have to change it again. Feel familiar? Paperwork gets mixed with laundry laying around. In the middle of making dinner, you get a phone call from a colleague and now dinner and work have collided. If you’re living in a tight space, it may be difficult have separate work and home areas. Or, you may have a child who wants to be around you during the day, so you now get to listen to your webinar and your child’s teacher in unison. Whether you’re caring for a whole family or caring for yourself, WFH presents many challenges. However, it can be a journey that ends in success.

I move around my house a lot, so my work space is all over the place (literally), yet I finally have a rhythm and method that works for me and doesn’t drive my family insane. My favorite tip is having work stations around the house. If you’re new to working from home or if you still haven’t found a way to make it successful, download the WFH Checklist. Hopefully, these tips will work for you as they have for me!

Keep leading and stay safe,

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