A Tribute to Fathers

Father and children

Dear fathers,

Today is the day to celebrate you. Thank you to . . .

The ones who make life fun.

The role model, working to improve himself every day because he knows the little ones are watching.

The ones who coach sports just to spend time with their children.

The ones who give great advice late at night and early in the morning.

The storytellers, creating adventure after adventure for their kids.

The ones who hide their tears when watching Disney movies (when you once swore you’d never watch them).

The literal jungle gyms for their children, knowing that your back will ache an hour later.

The workaholics, making sure that things are covered at home.

The secret worriers, wondering if you’re doing enough. You are!

The ones who realize that sometimes, your presence is all that is needed.

The ones choosing to father a different way than those who came before you. Good for you!

The ones who work the side hustle to provide extra for the family.

The ones who are co-parenting in a way that keeps your child emotionally healthy. Way to go!

The stay-at-home Dad, dismissing stereotypes and investing in your family.

The ones who try all of the disgusting foods that your child chooses to mix together (mayonnaise and fruit? Really?)

The Dad who’s become a father figure to all of his kid’s friends because that just who he is.

The ones who have realized that having a good relationship with their kids is more important than being right.

The constant teacher who also knows that he can learn from his child.

Happy Father’s Day! I hope it’s a great one!

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