Welcome to R.o.K. Leader!

Welcome to R.o.K Leader: Real Leadership for Real Life! This blog has been a long-time coming. I have many interests in life, but a small number of passions that I’m willing to fully invest in. The main three are education, career planning, and leadership. This blog is dedicated to leadership, but not your conventional, in the office leadership. This is leadership that moves throughout your entire life. Real leadership for real life.

Thank you teachers for getting us ready to teach at home. You rock!

This theme has traveled with me from my first job as a cashier at Burger King to my world now. There’s not much that I can be sure of, but I can be sure of two things: 1) who you are in one area of life should not drastically change from who you are in another area of life; and 2) my leadership travels with me wherever I go. It’s at work, with my family at home, and in the community. Therefore, that is the focus of this blog – leadership in every area of life. Join in on the conversation, follow the blog, and create your own style of leadership for your life. Enjoy!

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